About Us

RCK Rail Pty (Ltd)

  • RCK Rail is a black woman owned company
  • Currently has 3 production lines on contracts for Transnet Engineering and China South Rail.
  • One of Transnet Engineering Coaches’ top 10 suppliers
  • Has been in business, training through the Aurik Programme as part of General Electric incubation period.
  • Managing Director Rona Govender, has been nominated for the award of “celebrating excellence in the African Railway Transport Sector” for 2017
  • Shown growth of over 200% in the last financial year


Business Information:

Company – RCK Rail Supplies

Type – Pty Ltd

Registration Nr. – 2015/014168/07

Tax Ref. Nr. – 9219556199

VAT Nr. – 4120269487


Postal Address:

P.O. Box 15523,

East Lynne, Pretoria,

Gauteng, 0039